The ‘Teknia’ brand as a reputational value driver

Work practices

The Challenge

We aim to increase our brand’s value and reputation among our audiences, to enhance the sense of of belonging among employees and to promote a robust and strong corporate culture by consolidating our brand. We therefore created the Communication, Institutional Relations and Sustainability Division, in charge of driving the rebranding project forward.

Plan of action

  • Phase 1: consolidation of strategic concepts. We created a brand platform laying the foundations of the Group’s identity and combining a series of concepts which clearly define Teknia and its positioning in the market. Thus, Teknia is designed as an integral unit and represents the sum of its individual components: its people teams, plants, production units. Each brand component converge under our tagline, ‘Your manufacturing partner for mobility’. A tagline encapsulating the driving force behind us: striving to be the manufacturing partner for our customers.
  • Phase 2: visual identity development. Based on the strategic branding concepts, we defined a new logo and logo uses, the official Teknia typefaces and corporate colours reflecting our activity as a company. All these features help to convey the Group’s values and personality, with a brand conveying strength, adaptability and innovation.
  • Phase 3: brand application. Once the conceptual and visual pillars were consolidated, we worked on the brand application to any digital or physical medium. Furthermore, we applied the new brand to the facilities, seeking to enrich the visitor’s experience and contributing to a sense of unity across all production sites.

Impact Generation

The implementation of the new brand has imbued the day-to-day work of our teams, giving the entire Group a greater sense of unity. Likewise, it allows the different stakeholders to identify Teknia, its values and guarantees, maximising the effects of good reputational value management. Strengthening the Teknia brand and increasing its visibility increases engagement, presence and reputation among all our stakeholders.

Key Impact Indicators

  • Quantitative indicator: 3.500 people located in 22 production plants in 12 countries share the same corporate culture.
  • Qualitative Indicator: increased sense of belonging and brand recognition.

“Communication is a transformational tool for companies, and therefore, should be conceived as a strategic approach. The main objective of the Communication, Institutional Relations and Sustainability area within Teknia, is to increase the value of the company and the brand, both externally and internally"

Gonzalo Prieto
Director of Communication, Institutional Relations and Sustainability