We anticipate changes and detect real needs

Teknia is positioned at the forefront of the new mobility and continues to support its customers in their current and future needs.


We work with precision and rigour, we pay attention to detail to maintain the respect of the sector and the trust of our customers, and we are committed to operational excellence by prioritising customer satisfaction.

We anticipate changes and detect real needs, and we deal with them skilfully to make them real and meet our customers’ expectations completely. Teknia’s commitment to operational excellence is demonstrated by promoting a zero-defect philosophy in all its plants through a Global Integrated Management System with high operational standards.

Teknia has a diverse customer base, making the company a highly adaptable strategic partner with extensive experience across the manufacturing value chain. These customers include some of the world’s leading manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers.


Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Policy

  • Our Global Integrated Management System has high process standards and prioritises continuous improvement and innovation. Teknia aims to become an excellent organisation for manufacturing mobility.
  • Teknia reviews its Quality Policy whenever necessary to adapt it to its growth and the evolution of the market, as it always works with a commitment to continuous improvement with the aim of achieving excellence in manufacturing.