Bosch Global Supplier Award

Every two years, Bosch honours its best suppliers from around the world. The world’s largest manufacturer of automotive components awarded this prize to the Teknia Group’s aluminium technology. It is the only Spanish company to receive this award, given to 47 suppliers out of the 43,000 that Robert Bosch has worldwide.


Continental “Supplier of the Year”

Teknia’s machining technology was awarded this prize in 2018. Continental has recognised the 14 best-performing suppliers from among its 900 strategic suppliers worldwide.


PSA’s 2018 Supplier Awards

Teknia Kragujevac won PSA’s 2018 award for excellence given by PSA to its suppliers. This award is given to specific manufacturing facilities and only the best performing PSA suppliers are eligible to receive it.


General Motors Global Supplier Quality Excellence Award

Teknia Nashville has been awarded for the second consecutive year with the General Motors 2017 Supplier Quality Excellence Award. In GM’s words “2017 was a great year for GM and without the performance of suppliers like Teknia GROUP this would never have been possible”.


Large company external project by COFIDES

Awarded to the Teknia Group at the 4th edition of the “Impulso a la Internacionalización” Awards, organised annually by COFIDES (the Spanish Development Finance Company), in recognition of companies and institutions that have stood out for their contribution to internationalisation.


Teknia Mexico City receives Delivery Excellence Award from Hitachi

This award represents the recognition of outstanding delivery performance achievement. Our Mexican plant has been supplying Hitachi over several years and this long-lasting relationship resulted in becoming one of the main customers of Teknia Mexico City.


Adient Honors Leading Suppliers for Commitment to Excellence

Adient recognized suppliers from around the world for outstanding performance in the categories of quality, cost, logistics, development, technology and service.
Adient also presented Leadership Awards to the suppliers Global Growth – Boltun Corporation and Teknia Group.


GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award

We take pride in announcing that Teknia Barcelona was awarded GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2015 for the second consecutive year.

This award goes to the suppliers selected by General Motors that during 2014/2015 have met the strict criteria of quality performance. The company recognizes and distin-guishes, one year after another, the product quality, effi-ciency of the processes and exceptional service.