Culture in Pedrola

The Challenge

Teknia Pedrola, located in Aragon (Spain) is the Group’s first plant built from scratch. In 2021, the plant suffered a drop in activity as a result of the effects of Covid-19. Its future was jeopardised, but the Group continued to support the Pedrola-based team with a plan focused on improving productivity, collaborative work and intensifying the commercial action of the Group to attract new future projects to this Teknia flagship plant.

Plan of action

  • A people-focused change: unication, the provision of regular technical training and tailored support to different areas resulted in a transformation of the working environment with improved attitudes and motivation.
  • Improved quality and productivity: After clarifying and customising procedures, personnel training was offered to those seeking to grow in the company.
  • Intensification of the businessactivities: the Group’s business activities enabled the company to attract new customers and to develop interesting projects for the future.

Impact Generation

Teknia Pedrola currently has a motivated team and the plant is moving forward with a clear direction, based on the Group’s trust and teamwork. As a result of the work carried out, the company has managed to maintain a united and cohesive workforce, which is motivated and aligned in the new projects, after several years of hardship.

“Improving communication, safety and investing in training, with different regular technical training to improve personal skills every fortnight was crucial.”

Beatriz Serrano
Teknia Pedrola Human Resources