Reuse and recovery of waste in Teknia Barcelona

Circular economy and responsible use of materials

The Challenge

In our challenge of transforming the linear economy into a circular economy, we are seeking processes to allow us to optimise resources by recycling and reusing resources, as well as to recover waste to be turned into resources again. At Teknia Barcelona we decided to give oil and oil and aluminium shavings generated during the machining process a second life.

Plan of action

  • Implementation of a process for collecting and centrifuging swarf during machining. This allowed the steel and aluminium shavings to be separated from the cutting oil used during the process.
  • Oil recovery for reuse.
  • Collection of “dry” shavings for recovery

Impact Generation

  • 3 points of improvement in machinery efficiency, plus improvements in plant performance.
  • Longer life of cutting tools.
  • Reduction maintenance costs.
  • Improved product quality.
  • Reduced oil consumption.

“The use of filtered oil not only provides multiple direct advantages, but has also enabled the development of production methods and technologies”.

Eduard Lera
Plant Manager
Teknia Barcelona (Spain)