Plastic Injection

Plastic injection is a transformation process that begins with the melting of the plastic at more than 200 ºC, converting it into a fluid. This fluid is injected into a mould in the shape of the part to be produced. When the tool is filled, the fluid plastic cools until it solidifies, giving the part its final shape.


Teknia has a global reach and capabilities to offer high-quality plastic injection products. The company’s customers in the plastic injection area include both OEM and TIER-1 manufacturers. Teknia is a highly valued injection supplier due to its global reach, standardisation and technical know-how to meet customer requirements.

Teknia works with the usual plastic materials on the market, such as polypropylenes, polyamides, acetal resins, polycarbonate, ABS and TPE, and others. Plastic injection technology allows many post-injection processes to be carried out, such as painting, decorating, and welding. All these options are available at Teknia, with the capacity to carry out different specialised processes and integrate different materials as a multi-technology supplier for the mobility sector.

Plastic Injection: A Cost-Effective Technology

Plastic injection moulding is a technology widely used in the automotive sector. When product requirements allow the use of injection, the manufacturing process is simpler, faster and cheaper than with other technologies.  Plastic injection is widely used in the industry and Teknia is well-versed in this technology.

It is a technology that is widely used because of its versatility and ability to design complex products. Global suppliers with plastic injection capabilities such as Teknia are sought after by customers in the industry for their geographical reach, standardisation, and technical expertise to meet the demanding requirements of the industry.

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