On average, a person spends almost four years of their life in a vehicle, so it is no surprise that comfort and convenience are at the forefront of future mobility trends. Teknia is an expert in the production of interior components, such as seating elements or mouldings and protections for vehicle interiors.


Teknia is an expert manufacturer of seat and other vehicle interior components with high quality and safety standards. The Group has an in-depth knowledge of plastic injection technology, which helps it position as a leader in this area of vehicle interior components.

The company supplies seat components and structures that meet the highest quality and safety standards. The Group has in-depth knowledge of plastic injection, and its raw material expertise covers a wide range of plastic materials. The product portfolio includes, among other parts, gear levers, seat belt covers, rear seat cushions, armrests, handles, backrests, and headrest guides.

Within plastic injection, seat covers are also a strategic product, and Teknia also expects plastic headrest covers to be one of the products with the greatest potential.

In terms of interior components, Teknia’s product portfolio is also very broad, producing parts such as A/B/C interior pillars, door components, centre console components, instrument panel components, cup holders, instrument panels, boot parts, sun visors, grab handles or inner door openers, among others.

The customisation of seats and upholstery is essential, and, with the right tools, any vehicle can have an interior that allows the driver to enjoy the possibilities of movement while driving. Teknia is always ready to adapt to its customers’ needs. Vehicle interiors are becoming more and more modular and flexible, which will give the driver and passengers the freedom to adapt the vehicle interior to their own needs.

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