Within Teknia’s portfolio, the components in this category protect the electronic management elements from damage by means of covers or housings.

Lighting components, designed to support the functionality of the lights and the aesthetic interior and exterior, also fall into this category and play an important role in vehicle safety.


The components of the electronic environment manufactured by Teknia have a protective function. This is the case of housings and covers, which act as a physical barrier to prevent damage to the electronics. This product category also includes lighting components, which are designed to support the functionality of the lights and the aesthetic exterior design of the car.

Lighting components play a functional and aesthetic role in a vehicle and are becoming increasingly important. Lighting has become more relevant in vehicle interior design. Cars are equipped with different types of lighting colours to ensure the comfort, functionality, and safety of people. Teknia is an expert supplier of lighting components made of different plastic materials. The range includes light guides, collimators, headlamp housings, lamp holders, bezels, metallised components, and transparent lighting filters.

In addition, the Group manufactures lighting cable holders from carbon steel. In this area, there is an increasing demand for cable trays and cable channels. Teknia is a recognised expert in the production of connectors and inserts from raw materials in steel, brass, and aluminium. It also manufactures brackets for front display screens, housings, and covers for electric motors and central processing units.

The existence of electronic environment components in vehicles has increased due to autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and infotainment. The increasing digitisation of light with new ways for people to interact with vehicles has led to innovative applications for vehicle exteriors. The digitisation of information, combined with advances in LED technology, control modules and optical materials for automotive exterior lighting, has enabled the creation of many new applications.

It is important to keep abreast of new technologies in this field. Teknia is approaching a new era in which multifunctional and intelligent headlamps will illuminate the road while communicating with the surrounding environment. Digital lighting can also be used for projections with decorative functions. The company is prepared for all these changes.

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