31 Jan 2024

Teknia Pedrola to double its turnover thanks to a new project

Javier Martínez, Mar Vaquero and Javier Quesada signed the new part
  • Teknia expects to add an accumulated turnover of more than 50 million euros over the life of the project and the workforce will reach one hundred employees. The Group will invest close to 3 million euros in the Spanish plant
  • A delegation of the Government of Aragon, led by the Vice President Mar Vaquero, visited the facilitiy to learn more about the new business
  • The new project will consist of the manufacture of a fundamental part in hybrid vehicles for one of the world’s leading manufacturers


Pedrola, January 31, 2024 – Teknia, a Spanish multinational specialized in the manufacture of metal and plastic components for mobility, announced the acquisition of a new project for the Teknia Pedrola plant (Zaragoza), which will double the factory’s turnover. Specifically, it will have a turnover of 50.3 million euros throughout its production cycle, until 2031.

Thus, the plant which had a turnover of more than 9 million in 2022, plans to exceed 18 million in 2026. To achieve this, the Group will invest 2.7 million euros this year, which is the largest investment for a single project at the plant. The new project’s end customer is one of the world’s leading Tier-1 automotive suppliers. This is the first major investment in the automotive sector in Aragón in 2024 and reinforces the company’s commitment to a region, it considers key.

A delegation from the Government of Aragon, led by Mar Vaquero, second vice-president of the Government of Aragon, and Javier Martínez, General Director of Economic Policy, visited the Teknia Pedrola facility to get to know the project first-hand. At this meeting, Teknia presented the details of the investment and Teknia’s future plans in Aragon, as well as to explore different ways of collaboration between the company and the Government of Aragon to continue promoting the automotive industry in the region.

A multi-technololgical plant

This project will consist of the manufacture of two metal structures bolted together for the propulsion structure of the hybrid vehicles of one of the world’s leading manufacturers. This is a high value-added product that fits perfectly with Teknia Pedrola’s portfolio, as it encompasses the plant’s three technologies: tube forming, stamping, and welding. It is also one of Teknia’s largest investments to date.

Teknia’s plant in Pedrola represents an emblem for the Group, being the first facility built from scratch. Moreover, after a few years of difficulties, Teknia continued its commitment to Pedrola and promoted a plan to improve the plant’s productivity.

Job creation and commitment to Aragon

Teknia plans to increase its workforce to one hundred employees in Pedrola thanks to this new business, with specialized technical profiles. It will also be committed to progress in internal training, enhancing the value of the team of employees, which has a high percentage of female talent.

Teknia thus reaffirms its commitment to innovation, sustainability and the economic promotion of Aragon, positioning itself as a key player in the growth and development of the automotive components sector in the region.

Javier Quesada de Luis, Managing Director of Teknia, explained: “This investment marks a new chapter in our history in Pedrola and certifies our commitment to the future of the plant, to innovation and to the consolidation of the team. We are very pleased to continue contributing to the development of the sector in Spain and remain firmly committed to the growth of the industry in Aragon.”

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Interested in our Press Kit?