14 Mar 2024

Teknia creates an investment vehicle that debuts with an e-bike components company

  • The vehicle has made its first investment in e-bike components company Zuma, through the acquisition of a 17% stake in the company
  • ‘Teknia Partners’ aims to channel Teknia’s entry into different companies that are promoting innovative developments in the field of new mobility
  • The total investments made by Teknia Partners will not exceed 7% of the EBITDA
    achieved by Teknia during the previous year


Madrid, March 14, 2024. – Teknia, a Spanish multinational specialising in the manufacture of metal and plastic components for mobility, has set up Teknia Partners, an investment vehicle that aims to invest in companies in the field of new mobility and which will be 100% owned by the Group’s parent company. Through this new company, Teknia will channel its entry into different emerging companies that are creating innovative solutions in this field.

Teknia Partners has made its first investment with Zuma, a technology company based in the Basque Country focused on the development of mechatronic solutions for the electric bicycle (e-bike) sector. The investment vehicle has acquired a 17% stake in Zuma, valued at €4.5 million and has secured preferential rights of expansion worth €1 million, subject to certain conditions that the company must meet. With this initial investment, Teknia demonstrates its commitment to innovation and its support for the development of disruptive technological solutions in the field of mobility.

The investment rationale of Teknia Partners

The total annual investments of Teknia Partners will not exceed 7% of the EBITDA achieved by Teknia during the previous year. In addition, it will seek a preferential stake of 20% to 40% in these companies, with a minimum of 5%.

The constitution of this investment vehicle responds to the growth plans and entry into the new mobility market included in the Moving Teknia 2025 strategic plan. One of the objectives of this plan is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new mobility industry and to expand into new projects, where its multi-technology experience allows it to offer innovative manufacturing solutions for its customers around the world.

The selection of potential companies to invest in will be based on rigorous and selective criteria that include the prior establishment of trade agreements, the existence of a minimum product in the pre-industrial phase, synergies with the mobility sector, and that the investment made is destined to develop the business and grow.  In addition, Teknia wants the management team to continue managing, leading the company and being the majority shareholder.

It will also give preference to companies focused on electric mobility, with relevant digital capabilities, located in Europe, and manufacturing products in the premium segment. Thus, ‘Teknia Partners’ will favour co-investment operations with financial or industrial partners.

Javier Quesada de Luis, CEO of Teknia, highlighted: “The creation of ‘Teknia Partners’ highlights our commitment to innovation and new mobility. We are taking a very important step forward because we are going to collaborate directly with some of the most innovative start-ups that are coming up with ideas and solutions that are going to be very relevant in the future of our industry in the coming years.”

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