09 Nov 2023

Teknia presents its strategic plan ‘Moving Teknia 2025’ at its first Strategic Day

  • Teknia has brought together banks, financial entities, and other institutions in its first Strategic Day to present the company’s new strategic plan and highlight its business model and growth outlook for the coming years
  • By 2025 Teknia aims to exceed 600 million euros in turnover by 2025, an increase of more than 60% compared to 2022, and to achieve a 13% EBITDA margin on sales
  • Teknia aims to consolidate its position as the preferred manufacturing partner in the industry at a key moment for the company’s growth and entry into the new mobility market


Bilbao, October 26,2023.- Teknia, the spanish multinational specialised in the manufacture of metal and plastic components for mobility, today presented its new strategic plan to financial entities and institutions during the celebration of its first Strategic Day at the Teknia Bilbao plant in Abanto-Zierbena (Basque Country).

At this forum, the company brought together several banks and financial entities, as well as institutions, to highlight the strategy with which the company seeks to continue its growth path and consolidate its position as a preferred manufacturing partner in the mobility industry.

The strategic plan, known as ‘Moving Teknia 2025’, sets out the steps needed to achieve the objectives set by the company for the coming years, in order to continue on the path of growth and consolidation set by the company. Thus, Teknia aims to exceed 600 million euros in turnover by 2025, which represents an increase of 64% compared to 2022. In addition, it aims to achieve an EBITDA margin of 13% of sales.

This plan focuses on optimising operations through digitalisation and the use of data, adjusting costs and focusing on the Group’s most profitable businesses, and defines a specific M&A strategy to support the company in achieving its objectives. It also seeks to intensify and increase Teknia’s participation in the co-development phases with its customers, broadening its collaboration with them.

Growth and entry into new mobility

In an ever-changing environment in the automotive sector, Teknia seeks to maintain close collaboration with the financial institutions that play a key role in its continued growth. In this sense, the celebration of the first Strategic Day offers Teknia the opportunity to highlight the excellent management and financial strength of the company. Moreover, with a solid track record of more than 30 years of activity, Teknia seeks to reaffirm its position as a reliable and essential partner in the entire vehicle production value chain. The company is determined to seize the opportunities offered by the new mobility industry and expand its activity into new projects, were its multi-technological expertise enables it to offer innovative manufacturing solutions for its customers worldwide.

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Interested in our Press Kit?