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Since Teknia started up as a small business set up by 29 pioneers determined to develop a tube manipulating transfer process technology, the Group preserves this  spirit of hard work and effort. The company started its journey in 1992 and since then has evolved in its dimensions and specialization and  has been constantly progressing  and multiplying its sales and number of employees. Teknia Group managed to form a solid company based on many years of persistence and development.


Teknia’s success would be hardly possible if it were not because of its human capital. In Teknia we are aware of the weight of the driven employees passionate about their work and we deeply appreciate a team-work, commitment and determination and most importantly, experience. We are constantly looking for new talents who could enrich our international team and we do our best in having our professionals satisfied with their working conditions so that they feel proud of being a part of a team. 

In the same way Teknia is committed with its employees and values their solid experience and fosters the development of their skills within the Group. 


Teknia with its global footprint encourages the cultural diversity and eliminates gender and ethnical barriers. All together we strive for the same targets regardless of the geographical location. What we do is to share experience and go ahead with the best ideas. The open-minded approach to business gives us an  advantage to go beyond the problems and bring new solutions.