30 May 2022

Teknia maintains its commitment to new mobility

In the last years, the commitment to sustainability has made its way into the automotive world as well, and electric vehicles are steadily taking up a bigger share of the market. Carmakers and part suppliers have to quickly adapt to all these changes.

Thanks to its multi-technological potential, Teknia has been able to adapt over the past few years and is positioning itself alongside the main manufacturers of electrical vehicle components.

In line with its commitment to sustainability and its innovative outlook, Teknia is working on entering the battery market in Europe, the powertrain environment, and its components such as converters, inverters, on-board chargers (OBC), products for which it is already manufacturing some parts.

Below is a picture of a virtual car that shows the areas the company is working on:

Electrification as an opportunity for innovation

In this bet for EV, Teknia is bidding for the main TIER-1s that are behind these components for the range of products in the battery and powertrain environment. The opportunity for innovation exists in all of Teknia’s technologies, from stamping to HPDC aluminium injection, tube forming, machining and plastic injection.

The products Teknia focuses on when it comes to this area include housings, hard cases, covers, embouts, battery inserts and connector chargers. In fact, last year Teknia acquired Teknia Santander plant, experienced in axis manufacturing for electric components.

Asked about this, and talking about the importance of innovation, Javier Quesada de Luis, Teknia’s managing director, said: “Teknia has the clear commitment to position as a multitechnological partner in manufacturing mobility. It is not only the automotive sector that is experiencing a boom in electrification, but urban mobility in general. There are huge opportunities for Teknia in this field.”

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Interested in our Press Kit?