05 Sep 2023

Teknia aims to exceed 600 million euros in turnover by 2025

  • Teknia presents its new strategic plan ‘Moving Teknia 2025’, that seeks to increase turnover by more than 60% by 2022 and achieve a 13% EBITDA margin on sales
  • The Group has set a series of economic goals aimed at improving the company’s profitability within the growth path set for the coming years
  • The plan includes the optimization of operations through digitalization, the use of data, and an adjustment of costs. These seek to focus on the most profitable business matters for the Group, while continuing to enhance its reputation and brand value

Elorrio, 5 September 5, 2023.- Teknia, a Spanish multinational specialized in the manufacture of components for mobility, presents today its new strategic plan for the next three years, named ‘Moving Teknia 2025’. The plan sets specific economic objectives for the company to exceed 600 million euros in turnover by 2025, which represents an increase of more than 60% compared to 2022. It also includes improving profitability to 13% EBITDA margin on sales, an increase of almost three percentage points compared to the current level.

Moreover, the plan aims for 85% EBITDA growth in 2025 compared to 2022,  accomplishing, in three years, the increase of its EBITDA from 40 million euros to 75 million euros in 2025. Regarding debt, Teknia aims to control its debt levels and maintaining them below <2.50x net financial debt over EBITDA, in addition to maintaining its solid working capital levels and reinforcing efficient cash management.

The plan seeks to guide Teknia through its growth path for the coming years. In addition to a series of economic objectives, it also includes the optimisation of operations through digitalisation and the use of data, an adjustment of costs and a focus on the most profitable business matters for the Group.

Teknia is also looking to increase investment levels to enable sustainable organic growth of the company, which will represent around 5% of sales each year.  As for the company’s M&A strategy, a plan has been defined for both the traditional vehicle market and the new mobility market, which is vital to boost Teknia’s global growth in the coming years.

In this sense, for the traditional market Teknia will initiate a study for the incorporation of new industrial groups in strategic markets with a turnover of more than 80 million euros, as well as continuing to grow in North America and starting to evaluate opportunities in the Asian market.

For the new mobility market, Teknia will focus on identifying potential acquisitions of companies that manufacture products with a medium level of maturity in the market, with a significant number of parts potentially produced by Teknia. In addition, the company is also looking to expand its range of technologies, ensuring that these offer greater multi-technological value to all its customers, one of Teknia’s key pillars that sets it apart from its competitors.

For the correct development of the plan, Teknia has carried out an exhaustive analysis of the sector and the new mobility ecosystem, which has allowed it to anticipate the estimated production levels for the coming years and thus identify growth opportunities in different markets and strategic areas.

Javier Quesada de Luis, Group Managing Director, says: “Teknia’s new strategic plan will be key to continue advancing in our objectives, growing in a sustainable way, incorporating technologies, and increasing profitability. We are prepared to continue to grow on a solid and profitable basis in the future with the aim of continuing to support our customers. The time is now, and we are going to take advantage of it”.

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