04 Aug 2023

Formula Student, a breeding ground for the mobility industry

Attracting and retaining talent is one of the current and future challenges, especially in STEM positions where there is an increasing demand. According to the report ‘ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey ‘, 77% of employers report difficulty in filling roles, a 17 year high.  Therefore, it is very important that those companies that want to differentiate themselves and be attractive to young people know how to connect with them from an early stage.

Within the automotive and mobility industry, many young people start their careers through Formula Student, an international competition in which university students from around the world participate in the creation of a racing car. In it, they are responsible for the design, manufacturing, and to compete in the final speed races, while learning to work on the feasibility of the project like it was a real scenario.

This is an engineering competition, but it is not only the speed of the students that is tested. The evaluation is divided into two categories, static and dynamic tests. These are distributed in the evaluation of a variety of areas, including: business plan presentation, cost and manufacturing, engineering design, skidpad, acceleration, autocross, and endurance and efficiency. Multidisciplinarity and integration of competencies acquired in the process are key to the success of the project.

Teknia collaborates with two Formula Student teams

Aware of the importance of supporting young talent, Teknia is a sponsor of two Formula Student teams. These are the, team of the Rzészow University of Technology (Poland) and that of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Team of the Rzészow University of Technology (Poland), reviewing their hybrid vehicle.

Team of the Rzészow University of Technology (Poland), reviewing their hybrid vehicle.

In the case of UPM Racing of the Polytechnic, it is the longest-running Spanish Formula Student team, which has been participating in this competition since 2004. Throughout their years of experience, they have had the opportunity to participate in the competition on numerous occasions, exceeding expectations year after year.

Recently, its members presented the UPM05e, the new 100% electric single-seater with which they will compete this summer at the Most racetrack in the Czech Republic. For this new prototype, the fifth electric car, the driver’s ergonomics have been improved, the low-voltage battery has been redesigned and the aerodynamic pack manufacturing processes have been optimized.

After the adventure at the Czech circuit, the next challenge will be at the mythical English circuit of Silverstone, one of the most prestigious circuits in Europe, home of the F1 British Grand Prix. For the third consecutive year, the team will travel to compete in the autonomous car mode of the Formula Student United Kingdom competition.

UPM Racing: meeting point for professionals and promising young talents

María Talavera, Marketing Manager of the team and master’s student in Industrial Engineering, says that “for UPM Racing Teknia’s support is essential in the development of the project. Having the help from industry professionals to gain a more specialized approach is a very important aspect that helps us improve the quality of our work. We are very happy to be able to collaborate with them and we hope it will be like this for many more years”.

Student Formula UPM Racing Team presenting their new UPM50e, alongside Manuel Revuelto from Teknia.

Manuel Revuelto, responsible for product design within the Group, alongside some of the memebers of the UPM Racing team.

Former members of the team work in Teknia. Manuel Revuelto, who was part of the UPM Racing Team between 2011 and 2012, is currently responsible for product design within the Group’s Technology and Advanced Manufacturing department. “Formula Student is a great experience that provides much-needed knowledge and skills for the working world.  You learn to work in a multidisciplinary team and in an environment much closer to reality, facing challenges that you don’t find in the classroom”, highlights Manuel, who currently co-develops components for leading automotive companies and companies focused on new mobility.

Also Diego Marigil, CAD design engineer at Teknia Azuqueca was part of the team between 2019 and 2022 while studying Aeronautical Engineering. Diego highlights that “in addition to the technical knowledge that the competition gives you, you have to learn how to manage teamwork, maintain the motivation of the group and the pressure to reach the competitions with the best preparation”.

Sponsorship of the Rzészow University of Technology Team

Teknia is also a sponsor of the PRz Racing team of the Rzeszow University of Technology in Poland. The Group, which has two plants in this country, collaborates with the team through its factory in the same location. The team presented its new car under the name PMT-05, a vehicle with a hybrid structure (a combination of a rear frame and a carbon fiber monocoque) that has a 95 hp engine and reaches 100 km/h in about 3.5 seconds.

Presentation of the new PMT-05 from the PRz Racing team of the Rzeszow University of Technology in Poland.

New PMT-05 from the PRz Racing team of the Rzeszow University of Technology in Poland.

The team participated in the competition in the Netherlands, where they achieved fourth place among all combustion vehicles. This month they will meet students from the Polytechnic University in the Czech Republic, and will also then take part in the competition in Croatia.

Interested in our Press Kit?

Interested in our Press Kit?