09 Mar 2023

Brazil, a favourable market context for Teknia

The beginning of the relationship between Teknia and Brazil started in 1999, when the company acquired a historical local company dedicated to the manufacture of tubular parts. From that moment on, Teknia started its activity in the country and began to work with local manufacturers and other suppliers, providing service to the company’s first customers and projects in Brazil.

After this first initial stage, Teknia decided to strengthen its global presence in 2009 and to invest in the growth of this market with the construction of a new plant located in the town of Jacareí, in the area of Sao Paulo. This new plant combines three of the Teknia’s technologies: stamping, tube forming and plastic injection. Thereafter, the Group could improve their operations and generate new business opportunities thanks to having a complete portfolio of technologies that would quickly be appreciated by automotive customers in the country.

Nowadays, the plant is led by Jorge Lima, Business Unit Manager of Teknia Brazil, who highlights their adaptability to respond to different contexts in a changing market worldwide. Committed and united, the teamwork in the same direction to make a positive contribution to the development of Teknia around the world with the aim of developing new projects, focused on tube and stamping, with a view to the year 2025.

The plant has more than 180 employees and works for major customers in the sector, with the work and commitment of the entire team that builds the day to day of Teknia Brazil, it is ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that the automotive industry has ahead.

Currently, and immersed in a market context with high import and transport costs in Brazil and the shortage that some manufacturers are experiencing, many OEMs are betting on local production. This is where reliable suppliers with a lot of experience in the country gain relevance. This is the case of Teknia Brazil, which is benefiting from an increase in projects thanks to its reliability for its customers and its experience in the manufacture of components whose demand has been rising in recent times, such as those related to combustion engines.

Teknia Brazil is committed to continuing to incorporate more of Teknia’s global capabilities, reinforcing those technologies for which there are no local suppliers. In this sense, the good prospects for tube forming in Brazil are complemented by a very positive situation in plastic injection, which puts Teknia Brazil in a good position to continue incorporating projects in the medium and long term in the country.

Interested in our Press Kit?

Interested in our Press Kit?