01 Jun 2023

A redesign of the Teknia brand, built part by part


Teknia’s brand is built with the work of the whole team: part by part. With this approach, a redefinition of the brand has been completed. A redesign that mantains the essence of the company, reinforces the positioning and connection with its stakeholders and modernises its image.

The rebranding project included a first phase in which the strategic concepts were consolidated. A brand platform was created to establish the basis of the Group’s brand identity. They are what make us unique, give us vision and help us connect with our audiences.

The brand elements coexist under our purpose, which is none other than to be ‘Your manufacturing partner for mobility’: we want to be the manufacturing partner for our customers.

A purpose based on our corporate principles that have been given new life: ambition, efficiency, adaptability and pride. Teknia is constituted as a unit, but it is the sum of its parts: its people, its teams, its plants, its production units. A group that is built part by part.

Teknia's headquarters showroom

Building a visual identity

The strategic brand concepts guide the construction of the visual identity that supports the positioning of a consistent brand. Thus, a whole series of graphic elements make up the new visual identity of the company understood as a whole that contributes to its positioning. This includes the logo, with its parts and new uses; the official typographies, which reinforce the positioning or the corporate colours that represent our activity as a solid company.

All of this is supported by a visual system or graphic composition that allows us to play with the different pieces or parts that make up the whole that is Teknia. All these elements help to transmit Teknia’s values and personality through a brand that conveys strength, adaptability and innovation: we are the future of the automotive industry.

Redesign of Teknia’s website

Once the conceptual and visual bases were consolidated, work was done on applying the brand to any digital or print material in which Teknia has a presence. This includes brand applications for digital communication channels, including the new website and the image on social networks.

The website has been completely redesigned with a design that brings dynamism and links with the flexibility and adaptability that Teknia shows to its customers. Navigation has been reinforced towards key sections such as those that explain the technologies and products of the technology and the image has been taken care of while including a lot of valuable information. The website also has a blog section, from which the Group’s news can be shared directly with audiences.

In addition, as part of the redesign project, various corporate materials for daily use were implemented, as well as merchandising, and the application of the brand in the plants was organised.

Our brand gives us the tools to reinforce our purpose: to be a partner in mobility manufacturing. We are proud to be a manufacturer and ” part by part “, we want to continue to make the mobility of the present and the future real.

Interested in our Press Kit?

Interested in our Press Kit?