• 2 2 p tube forming

    Tube Forming

The tube forming process is used to perform bending of metal parts prior to subsequent machining. Teknia manufactures its own machines to achieve the right curve, as a differential service that completes the value chain.

Using a metallic pipe as a base, Teknia manufactures different kinds of Tubular Assemblies for some of the main vehicle areas of the vehicle. These areas comprise the Powertrain System with tube products for Engine Cooling & Lubrication. Teknia also supplies curved tubes for seating, including metallic Welded Assemblies, and for safety, being a referential partner for well-known OEM and Tier 1 in the market.

Teknia also contributes to add value to the products it manufactures using the expertise of its team in the design & construction of fully automated lines to keep the increasing competitiveness level demanded by the market and the excellence in quality.


The pretensioner: a key component for safety

One of the key products Teknia manufactures in tube forming technology is the pretensioner, which is key for the correct functioning of the seatbelt. The pretensioner pipe has the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the belt. It keeps the driver or passenger in a more static motion against the back of the seat in the event of an impact, while reducing the possible injuries suffered by the impact.

The belt has three anchor points in cars, and is also combined with a pyrotechnic pretensioner pipe. When a blow occurs, a collision sensor detects the accident and the electronic unit detonates a small pyrotechnic charge, which produces a gas inside a cylinder, causing the belt anchorage to retract, the belt to tighten against the body and the back of the seat. After this process, the system progressively releases the belt after impact to avoid or minimize serious injuries.