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The machining process or bar turning consists of introducing a bar into the turning machines (single or multi-spindle), bringing the bar in processing area where it usually goes revolving through one up to several machining stations. Every station gives a specific shape and feature until the final one where part is cut off and comes out finished.

Teknia produces components with a wide variety of diameters with a range from 5 to 66 millimeters. The company’s capabilities include using materials such as steel, aluminum and brass. Teknia is using high performance automated lines. The target is to keep the top-quality level, recognized already by our clients with several awards, but also the competitiveness required by the industry.


Different machining processes for a diversified portfolio

Teknia supports its customers with many types of machining processes within the mobility industry. Components which Teknia produces are fitted in any vehicle type. For example, Teknia parts are mounted in multiple sensorics and chassis areas as well as electrification assemblies and brake systems.

Teknia has wide expertise in manufacturing of brake pistons, a key safety part. Furthermore, the company’s expertise are shafts, a strategic product with strong growth potential. Teknia is working in different machining products for electrification.