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The aluminum High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) or aluminum injection is a process that involves application of previously melted aluminum into a high-pressure casting machine that injects it at high temperatures reaching even 1,000 ºC into a mold where it becomes a desired shape.

Afterwards, parts are trimmed, and its surfaces are treated accordingly. Multiple machining processes allow to reach needed shapes and tolerances and best-in-class washing lines guarantee high cleanliness required especially in electronics applications.

Teknia offers the complete value-added chain in aluminum to its clients, starting with casting through machining, washing and assembly. The parts produced with this technology are used for various areas of the vehicle, like housings and covers. Its importance is becoming increasingly relevant in electrification products such as inverters or converters, which help change the voltages in the battery charging.

Due to the increasing weight of vehicles, Aluminum is becoming more relevant in the new models due to lightweight targets. Teknia manufactures its aluminum injection components in Spain, Romania and Mexico.


Aluminum components for Electrical vehicles

Teknia has been able to adapt over the past few years and is positioning itself alongside the main manufacturers of electrical vehicle components. Aluminum injection is becoming more important in Electrical Vehicles, thus Teknia is well-positioned with this technology to growth as the market evolves.

In line with its commitment to sustainability and its innovative outlook, Teknia is working on entering the battery market in Europe, the powertrain environment, and the market of components such as converters, inverters, on-board chargers (OBC), products for which it is already manufacturing some parts. All these products are manufactured in Aluminum HPDC.