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Teknia has a long history of manufacturing components used in various safety applications in the vehicle. The safety area is represented across all the technologies within the group: plastic injection, stamping, tube forming, machining and aluminum HPDC.

With all the product manufacturing technologies for the safety area and the significant role they play in improving overall vehicle safety in order to ultimately help save lives, it is a strategic area for Teknia terms of Sales and Continuous Growth.

This category is relevant in the vehicles because it encompasses many, if not all, systems necessary to allow the vehicle to slow down and/or stop quickly to avoid a collision and to protect the occupants of the vehicle during a crash.

The braking system is critical to the overall safety and braking performance of a vehicle. Without it, the vehicle cannot slow down or stop. The vehicle airbag systems are also critical parts of the system involved in protecting the occupants of a vehicle during a crash.

The development of the airbag system along with the safety restraint system has made motor vehi-cles much safer for the end user. Teknia is specialized in manufacturing multiple airbag compo-nents. A key product is the airbag housing, the “skeleton” of the airbag module, the airbags covers and the horn/reaction plate, the main switch for the car horn.

Teknia is a specialist in components such as brake fluid reservoir, responsible for holding hydraulic brake fluid used in the braking system, and brake pistons. The Group manufactures nothing less than 25 million brake pistons per year (2019 data), meaning that 6 out of 10 cars manufactured in Eu-rope have Teknia’s brake piston.

The future of the safety area is expected to remain bright. Even with electrification becoming preva-lent in the automotive industry, the key products in this category are not expected to change much as vehicles designs remain consistent. The fundamentals of the braking, airbag and safety restraints systems will not change.

Same happens with autonomous driving. A car still must stop and avoid others, as well as protect the occupants of the vehicle (seat belts, airbags) in the event of crash. The main components that Teknia supplies to these systems will not change much.