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Powertrain products help manage temperature both inside the engine compartment and the car itself, while also helping improve the overall comfort of the vehicle to the end user. The demand for climate control will remain, as every vehicle will still need to have this capability in the future.

Teknia has a long history of manufacturing components used in various engine and climate control applications in the vehicle. Powertrain components were some of the very first projects the Group produced. Nowadays, the Engine and Climate Control category is represented across all the tech-nologies within Teknia (plastic injection, metal stamping, tube bending, machining and aluminum HPDC).

Electrification is creating even more opportunities for Teknia’s powertrain products. Electrified powertrains produce a tremendous amount of heat and therefore, require the same amount of cool-ing. Cooling electrified powertrains requires more tanks to store cooling liquid and various tubular components for routing cooling fluid through the cooling circuit.

Teknia manufactures engine cooling tanks using plastic injection, which is a key product as every car has at least one application per vehicle. With electrification that number could grow to 3 or 4 per vehi-cle, so Teknia is well prepared to offer solutions to its clients.

One of the key products in this category are the exhaust brackets and silencers. The manufacturing of these components is done involving metal stamping (Progressive and Transfer), Tube Bending and Forming and Welding. Teknia also manufactures different machined engine components and HVAC Connectors, and also engine covers in aluminium HPDC.

With Design & Development capabilities for these products in Teknia Rzeszów and production ca-pability at both Europe and in America, Teknia has the know-how to design a customized solution for any customer need in an example of co-development. This product requires a lot of value-added service.