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On average, a person will spend almost four years of their lifetime seated inside their car. This is why it is no surprise that comfort and convenience are at the forefront of future mobility trends and that seating and trim are key areas in vehicles. Car interiors are set to become completely modular and flexible, giving both the driver and passengers the freedom to adapt the vehicle’s interior to their own needs.

Teknia is an experienced manufacturer in producing seating and trim components for the interior of vehicles. The company provides seating components and seating structures, which fulfil high levels of quality and safety. The Group has deep understanding of plastic injection and the expertise in its raw material encompasses numerous plastic materials. The product portfolio includes, among other parts, cap levers, seatbelt covers, picnic table, armrest, hand wheels, back panels, headboxes…

Regarding the Group’s product portfolio in the seating area, it consists of side balances, seat co-vers, cap levers, seatbelt covers, picnic table, armrest, hand wheels, back panel, headbox, headrest sleeves, seat headrest tubes, seat adjusters, seat base podium, seat recliner, seat towel bars etc.

Among these seating parts, the metallic parts called adjusters and towel bars are key products. Within plastic injection, seating covers are also a strategic product, and Teknia also envisions the seating plastic headrest sleeves as one of the products with more potential.

When it comes to the trim components, Teknia’s product portfolio is also very wide, as it manufac-tures parts such as A/B/C pillars, door components, central console components, IP components, cupholder, Instrumental Cluster, trunk parts, water deflector, brackets for sunvisor, grab handle, Indoor opener, door hinges, hood hinges, interior hinge assemblies…

Customization is key for both seating and trim, and with the right tools, any car can have an interior that truly unlocks the possibilities of movement while driving, and Teknia is always prepared to adapt to customers’ needs.