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Most of the current commercial vehicles have a monocoque concept which integrates the most prominent exterior parts: body and chassis. Thanks to its stamping capabilities, Teknia takes part in manufacturing of these parts, a category very relevant for the safety.

Teknia manufactures different components for chassis and body, such as door hinges. The Group also has great expertise in the manufacturing of front and rear wipers, and delivers these parts to big players with very productive manufacturing process. To complement the offer in wiper systems, Teknia also manufacturers washer tanks for OEMs.

Teknia has stamping capabilities to manufacture this kind of components. This technology allows to obtain complex metal parts by placing the material under a compressive load between two molds in a stamping operation. Teknia has a great expertise in stamping metal components for different kind of products.

Thanks to stamping combined with some other technologies available in the Group, Teknia is able to offer valuable products and show global capacities to support the needs of its customers, with 8 plants across the world distributed among USA and Europe that can offer tailored stamping solu-tions.

Teknia has a wide variety or presses, from 250 Tn till 1.000 Tn, covering an important part of the ne-cessities of our customer base. The company works to add maximum value to its components by forming a more complex assembly or welding.

In addition, the company is well prepared in case a material substitution from conventional material to aluminum and magnesium happens, as these components are very impacted by lightweighting trends. Electric Vehicles need way bigger battery and this forces to vehicles to be lightenedand, as battery is an explosive item, it must be stored very safely.